To help you with the dissections, the anatomy terms list, a series of dissection videos, and a dissection primer have been made available for this dissection. Please make sure to review all the materials before beginning your dissection. To receive full credit, you must submit four photographs that clearly identify 16 of the anatomical features from the terms list for that animal. The number of labeled terms per photo can vary; however, no more than four labels can be external anatomical features. Each correctly identified structure will be worth 0.5 points. Please do not label more than 16 as only the first 16 will be graded.

We recommend that you insert your labeled photos into a single document that can be uploaded easily to Canvas. Also, when composing your photos, try to zoom in on the areas of interest. Caption your photographs within the document so that your TA will be able to recognize these areas even when the structures are extremely magnified or positioned in an uncommon orientation. Additionally, rather than submitting a single photo, you will need to take four separate images that show different regions of the body. At least one of the body cavity photos for each animal needs to show a physical signature card.