Teacher’s GitHub where you will find the source code and the explanation… it will be in the “2022” folder Recommended to do in C or C# language:…

The objective is: to carry out a translator for machine code.

The job can be done: Using LLVM/HHVM/JVM or an interpolator.

What to deliver:

1. Source code on Github (with contributions from all members);

2. Presentation – Implementation Description – Demonstration of

language – Considerations about work (challenges); 

3. Report in markdown in the repository’s

4. Language Documentation – Implementation Description – Methods used;

The source language is your choice, a subset of an existing language can be used for example.

Required features:

1. Input and Output Commands Output: writeln, write Input: readln.

2. Variable Declaration Types: integer, float, boolean, string, arrays, custom data types, and references.

3. Mathematical Operations Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Remainder. Precedence.

4. Flow Control Types: if, if else.

5. Repetition Loops Types: for, while, repeat until.

6. Functions with and without return.

7. Semantic Analysis: Type Checking and Declaration Checking.

8. Use of external libraries (Simply import code from another file).