Select one of the articles and respond to the following:

  1. Identify the clinical question and describe each portion of the question. 
    • Population – (introduction section)
    • Intervention – (in methods section)
    • Comparison (Methods section)
    • Outcome – (results discussion and conclusion section)
    • Time – Not all research studies will have a time component; if time is part of the study include a description. Example: study in place over 6 months. 
  2. In your own words, describe the following:
    • Why was the study done?
    • How was the study done?
    • What was found? 
    • How will you apply this information in your practice setting?
  3. Describe your experience after reading the article. How did the use of quantitative research methods meet the needs of the study, study design, and participants?

*The last page of chapter 3 in your book has a chart on where to look for the Why? How? What? – this is helpful for this discussion exercise.

Choose one of the following articles: