However, you must ensure that what you produce is appropriate for that audience. Would you like to describe asteroids to the third-graders in the Science Club at an elementary school? Would you prefer to teach high school or college-aged students how a trebuchet works? Or would you focus on describing the iPhone 10 to a group of senior citizens?

When you write to different audiences, you must adjust your content, language, and design accordingly. Third grade students will need shorter words, more explanations, and a design that features lots of images. And senior citizens might need larger type, careful explanations, and images with callouts.

Thus, the audience you choose for your technical description is crucial. It will determine how you will talk to them, how you will design your document, how you will define technical terms, etc.

Please write a memo that identifies and analyzes the needs of the audience for your description.

Assignment Specifications

Length: 1 page

Format: Memo, To, From, Subject, Date headings; single space within paragraphs & double space between. Do not indent paragraphs

Organizational Pattern: Neutral News

  • Paragraph 1: Deliver the news

Identify the audience to whom you would like to address your report.

  • Paragraph 2 (or Paragraphs 2-3): Add details

Tell me why you chose this audience and how you might approach your description so as to engage your potential readers’ interest more fully. Will you have to define more terms? Will you use a colorful format/layout with lots of images (if a younger audience)? Will you choose a more sedate but still interesting layout with more formal images (for an older audience)? Will your diction be everyday or a bit more formal?

  • Paragraph 3 (or whatever it becomes): Close cordially