For this assignment, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Respond to Short-Answer Questions
  2. Respond to a Long-Answer Question

To get the best grade possible, follow the instructions in the assignment closely and answer all the questions completely. This assignment is worth 40 points.

Use the information from the assignment, along with your own research, to answer the questions below about the Fourteen Points. Respond to each question in complete sentences.

1. Describe two of the goals President Woodrow Wilson hoped to achieve through the Fourteen Points. (4 points)

2. How could the United States have benefited from the plans President Wilson outlined in the Fourteen Points? Explain why this part of the Fourteen Points would be beneficial. (2 points)

3. How did President Wilson hope to change national borders following World War I? Give an example of how his plan affected a European country after the war. (4 points)

4. Which proposal did President Wilson leave out of the Fourteen Points despite British pressure to include it? Why did he make that decision? (4 points)

5. Respond to the following questions about the Fourteen Points.

a. Which part of the Fourteen Points did the U.S. Senate most strongly object to? Why did the Senate reject it? (2 points)

b. Explain the extent to which President Wilson’s plans for Europe’s overseas colonies were followed after World War I. (2 points)

c. What was one of the causes of World War I that the Fourteen Points were designed to address? How did the Fourteen Points attempt to address that cause? (2 points)

6. Explain two ways in which the Fourteen Points could be considered a success. (4 points)

7. Describe three reasons the Fourteen Points could be considered a failure. (6 points

Respond to the prompt below, using information from the activity and your own research.

Prompt: How do you think the Fourteen Points could have been changed to make them more successful?