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part 1

Is Texting Ruining Real Communication?
Cell phones and other electronic toys have become an integral part of our lives. Many people feel they must have their cell phones handy at all times! Whether texting, in particular, is ruining the way we communicate has become a controversial topic discussed by many. Texting lingo results in brief forms of communication that appear to be disrespectful and immature in the business world. Yet, many younger employees continue to use text lingo, including the use of emoticons, at the ends of their sentences, when communicating with their superiors. Such forms of communication can set an improper tone for messages, negatively impact how the receiver interprets the message and lead to misunderstanding of the intent of the message. For the younger generation, using text lingo comes naturally. But particular attention should be given to those receiving it.
Discussion points:
1. In what way(s) has texting made you a worse communicator? In what way(s) has texting made you a better communicator?
2. As texting remains a prominent form of communication, might text lingo become a standard part of business communication in the future? Explain.
3. Provide some examples of when you would and would not use text lingo in your communications.
Source: Greg Beaubien, “Texting Lingo Blowing Many Young Candidates’ Job Chances,” Public Relations Tactics, December 2008, Vol. 15, Issue 9, p. 4.

part 2

1. What business technology concept or topic interests you most in this module? and Why?

2.  Respond to 1 other participant by expanding on his/her tips or comments. Please understand that there are no right or wrong answers. The goal is to stimulate discussion on common interests/issues as this will be the normal practice when working in a team in an organization. 

part 3

Identify which one of the 4 C’s (Clarity, Consistency, Coherence, and Concision) you’ve had the most difficulty with in your own writing in the past. Describe what you’ve done in light of the information presented in this module to improve your business writing style moving forward. Also, be sure to respond to at least one posting from a peer.