Throughout this course, you have studied the many ways data is instrumental in business and other types of ventures because of the information that can be drawn from analyzing and interpreting data. You have also explored various ways to interpret data for broader understanding and application of data insights.

For this assessment, interpret the case data in a nontechnical language.

Case Study: Frito-Lay Targets the Hispanic Market (Access this case study from the learning materials link, “Case – Colgate-Palmolive Makes a ‘Total’ Effort.”) Note: The Frito-Lay case study begins halfway through the document. Focus only on this case study for the assignment.

Case Study: Caterpillar, Inc. (Access this case study from the learning materials link, “Case – Caterpillar, Inc.”) 

  • Complete the following: 

Interpret the data in each of the cases using 2 different nontechnical approaches, such as graphs, charts, or another type of visual presentation.

  • Write a 175-word narrative, for each, that explains the information presented in nontechnical language.