Review Question from Chapter 3

Read the scenario below. Then answer the questions.

Scenario: Jamie’s ethical dilemma

Jamie is licensed attorney in California. Jamie represents Client in a civil dispute between and Competitor. The facts of the dispute are as follows: Competitor used to work for Client at  Competitor left without notice and took the business’ secret technology. Now, Competitor is about to get millions of dollars in funding. Without the secret technology, Jamie is broke. The lawsuit is dragging on. One day during a meeting, Client says to Jamie, “I have no choice. Tonight, I am going to break into Competitor’s house and steal back the secret technology.”  Jamie says, “I strongly advise against doing that – it’s a crime and dangerous too.” Client says, “lol, yup!” Right then, Client’s phone chimes, Client checks the text, and says “Time to go!”  Jamie later calls the police to warn them about the planned break in.

Question: Under ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct 1.6, must Jamie keep silent about Client’s plans to break into Competitor’s house and steal back the secret technology?

Note, for your answer, you will have to read ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct 1.6.  You can find it online. Please use IRAC in your answer.

Part two:

The learning goals for the the last two units were for you to have an understanding of:

The U.S. court system and how it affects the conduct of businesses and individuals.

How litigation is conducted in the United States.

Do you feel you met these learning goals?  Please explain your answer with specific examples.  Will you do anything differently during next week to give yourself the best opportunity to meet the learning goals? Please write at least 100 words in answer to this question