Looking back over the course content and assignments in this module, as well as your own work, write a 400-word (or more) reflection that responds to the following questions:

  • Based on your learning in this module, what ideas and concepts regarding medical writing and medical writers have stood out to you the most?
  • Now that you’ve learned more about medical writing, what do you think are the key characteristics of medical writing? What makes medical writing different from other forms of writing?
  • Based on what you’ve learned so far, even if you have no plans to pursue a career as a medical writer, how do you think studying and practicing medical writing might benefit your own writing skills and abilities, such as in other professional situations?
  • What questions or concepts are you still unsure about or would like to explore further as you continue with this class?

In your reflection, you should directly refer to and cite at least 3 of our class reading/materials.…