Please review all videos & answer all discussion questions below.

Discussion Question: Part 1

When does learning begin? Do you believe in learning before birth? In other words, do you believe that a fetus has to ability to learn in utero before being physically born into the world? Please explain & provide examples.

Video 1:

Discussion Question: Part 2

Now that you have watched Video 1, what is your initial opinion on women who knowingly & actively use Substances while pregnant?

Please provide your initial reactions. Then proceed to watch the following videos/links and share your reactions regarding the following discussion questions.

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

Review Article

Discussion Question: Part 3

What is your reaction after watching the above videos & reading the link? What kind of emotions and feelings do the videos provoke? Do you believe women who actively use drugs during pregnancy should face consequences such as being arrested and jailed? Please provide your thoughts & explain why.

Video 6:

Video 7:

Discussion Question: Part 4

After watching the above 2 videos, have your thought processes, reactions and/or opinions changed on the topic? Please elaborate & explain why your opinions have stayed the same or have changed.

Overall what would you say is the best way to go about addressing the issue of Substance Abuse & Pregnancy. Please provide complete answers to all discussions questions to receive full credit.

Please provide a well-thought out College level response to the discussion questions above. Responses should be between 1-2 paragraphs long; a paragraph is between 6-8 sentences.