Chapter 1 Questions (separate your response to each question into its own paragraph): 

1.    Explain how psychology relates to the concept of adjustment (2 points).
2.    Explain what is meant by the paradox of progress by providing an example of the paradox of progress (please use your own example, rather than using one from the lecture/text) (3 points).
3.    Explain one research design (experiment, correlation, survey, case study, naturalistic), including the strengths and weaknesses to the approach (3 points). 

Chapter 2 (separate your response to each question into its own paragraph):

Choose one personality theory either psychoanalytic, behavioral classical conditioning, behavioral operant conditioning, or behavioral social cognitive theory), humanistic, or biological that you feel best explains personality. Based on the theory you chose, provide an example of how the theory you chose explains how personality is shaped (2 points).  For instance, if I chose humanistic theory, I might explain how a young female adult feels bad given feedback from others. That adult only feels worthy if she does something well and therefore has developed incongruence, meaning her ideal and actual self do not overlap very much. If that adult had experienced acceptance without any conditions (unconditional positive regard), then  she would feel like a worthy person regardless of the feedback received. Do not use my example. 

Take the Big Five Assessment Test (either online: (Links to an external site.) or using the paper-pencil version: The Big Five Test PDF.pdf Download : The Big Five Test PDF.pdf). How did you score on the 5 personality traits? Explain how your results relate to your personality (3 points). 

What was your personality profile on the Myers-Briggs (either online:  (Links to an external site.)or using the paper-pencil version: MBTI-1.pdf Download  MBTI-1.pdf. What is your personality profile? Explain how the results relate to your personality. * If you take the Big Five or Myers-Briggs online you do not need to login or purchase anything for either of the tests (3 points).

Chapter 3 Questions (separate your response to each question into its own paragraph):


What do you think are some of the major sources of stress in modern times and how does stress impact our lives (2 points)? 5

Take the Holmes Rahe Stress Inventory located in the activity sheet. What was your score and how does it relate to your stress levels? What other factors should you take into account when evaluating how much stress will impact your life/health in addition to the score?


  1. What did you learn from watching Sapolksy’s research ( Links to an external site.)? Provide an example and explain (3 points). 

Stress, Portrait of a Killer – Robert Sapolsky