You work for Lightning, Inc., a fiber-optic internet company based in Montana. Your company is trying to expand to other states, but since fiber-optic internet is more expensive than other types of connections, your boss, Dereck Boyer, expects you to choose three states which would be the most profitable to expand the business to.
He has asked you to write a report breaking down types of computers used in households with varying levels of income. You found data on types of computers and internet subscriptions per state which would help you support your report.  
Take time to familiarize yourself with the data set—identifying the sections which would support your choice. The goal is to select and visualize the data that is most relevant to your audience and the point you are trying to make. Consider what it is you want the audience to know and how you can best visualize the information for them.  Your audience is your boss, Mr. Boyer
Then, write a short report that includes three data visualizations that report your findings to Dereck Boyer. 


To complete this exercise, you should have your dataset and also should have drafted your three visualizations after you select the 3 states. You will now create a “storyboard” to visually plan how you will integrate visuals into the argument of the deliverable to create a “story” or argument. 

Step 1

Describe each visual you are planning (pie chart, bar graph, and line graph).

Describe your argument or point

Outline your argument or point. Feel free to headings to help you outline.

Step 2

Put the visuals in the order that best makes your point

Integrate the visuals into your outline to create a storyboard that connects planned visuals to the “story” or point you are making