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Drawing from the Mears and Chochran (2015) chapter, select one issue (solitary confinement, COVID-19 in prisons, or children of incarcerated people) and review the accompanying materials for that issue from this week’s learning resources. Your initial post should address the following:

Draw from materials to summarize issue/problem and identify the most presenting concerns this issue raises for the well-being of people who are incarcerated. What can social workers inside and outside the prison do to moderate these issues?

Drawing from readings, describe two (2) recommended responses to the issue. Do you think these responses could be effective in addressing the issue? If so, why? If not, why not?

  • One important component of prison programming that is not mentioned in the Mears and Cochran (2015) chapter is programming that is offered by incarcerated people solely or else in coordination with outside volunteer organizations. In these types of programming, people who are incarcerated often play a leadership role in providing essential services to other incarcerated people in the prison as well as beyond the walls. A list of some of these programs can be found under the Media section of the learning resources for this week. Select one program, and drawing from the source, describe the program, the need(s) it is designed to serve, and the role that incarcerated people play in providing this programming.