Before completing your Social Advocacy Project proposal, make sure you have carefully reviewed the guidelines for the entirety of the project (attached). The finished products from this project will be due in Week 10, but this proposal allows you to plan out and articulate what you will do for this project and get any feedback you may need.

For your project proposal, consider what organization or social movement you would like to engage with. Research opportunities for volunteer tasks, and, if needed, schedule your volunteer shift in advance. Note that organizations often need face-to-face help for various events, but that volunteers can also often engage remotely. You can choose to work with an organization that you already have connections with or choose to pursue a new volunteer activity.

Note, too, that you do not have particular length requirements for your volunteer act; you can negotiate this with the organization you choose to engage with. Make note of what this experience entails; it may be relevant if you choose to discuss the role of communication volunteer recruitment and retainment.