2. Gender Outlaws

a. Choose 3 essays to focus on in Gender Outlaws

b. How do these three essays offer you new ways to think about your own gender identity?

c. Support your statements with references to the text.

d. Use the appropriate terminology and concepts you’ve learned in the class

3. Auto Ethnography Component:

a. Reflect on your own socialization process.

b. Identify and analyze three experiences/events that are “gendered” memories in which you recall learning specific lessons, either overtly and/or covertly, about expectations projections and assumptions about gender. Ultimately how are binary expectations of gender (or not) reflected in these events or experiences and how they collectively shaped your perception and presentation of self as well as your perceptions and expectations of others.

I enjoy lifting weights because it makes me feel strong and happy but many have mentioned to me that lifting is for men, not women.

When i leave the house my parents have engraved in my mind that I must be covered and not wear revealing clothes. There has been an incident where I was at a gas station and I was engaged in a very uncomfortable situation with a man and everyone after the incident asked me if it was because “myclothes were too revealing” which was not true because i was covered completely. 

I cannot think of another one- you can make it up for me: i am very girly and have heard many female sterotypes.

c. Draw parallels or make contrasts between your experiences and those experienced the authors you chose to focus on in Gender Outlaws. 

d. Use the appropriate terminology and concepts you’ve learned in the class.

In my PDF I gave you discussion answers and they are detailed and can help a lot.