Select a current events news story about a human rights issue affecting a particular community today, from a reputable media outlet. Write a 1-3 page reflection on the article:

  1. Summarize the “5Ws” of the news story: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND WHY of the event/issue it discusses. 
  2. Discuss how this issue/event is “linked” to a human rights’ event/theme/issue in your chosen community’s history.
  3. Make specific connections between the news story and topics/events/ideas covered in lectures. You can cite the lecture using a parenthetical reference, ie (IS 16 Lecture, Title (from syllabus), date).
  4. Make specific connections between the news story and key terms/concepts from the readings, providing at least one citation. You can use a parenthetical reference, ie (author last name, date, page #) 

*Provide a bibliography that contains a complete reference to the news story (and a link if accessed online) as well as any other sources referred to in your text*

Online sources……