Goal – A project designed to give students hands-on experience  at finding, researching, and analyzing data relating to advertising media and media recommendations

Project Overview – Students will individually survey one media vehicle each, analyze the vehicle, and author a research paper on it.

Media Vehicles – 1) these should be Print Magazines; 2) the larger the better; 3) you must locate it’s “media kit” for key information; 4) receive instructor approval 5) once a media vehicle has been chosen, no one else may research it.

Key Elements –

·       No less than 5 – page report

·       In addition – media kit exhibits, samples, ratecards, reader/viewer research, etc.

·       from the point of view of client recommendations (what is this vehicle good for, not good for, types of advertisers, etc.)

Information To Include

Scope of media vehicle (who and where does it reach, how large is it)

Competitive Analysis – other magazines, websites, other media, etc.

  • Audience Composition – age, income, geography, education, etc.
  • Audience Research – buying habits, psychographics, technographics, etc.
  • Typical Rates, CPM, Etc.
  • Strengths, Weaknesses
  • Recommendations as a good/not good place to advertise 
  • Must Include a reference page and have 5 different reliable sources based on topics listed above !!!!