This section discusses and analyzes the process of administration of changes by paying great attention to the emphasis of peculiarities of this process in organizations of two different types – of public and private sector. The goal is to more completely understand the implications and dimension of driving change in these organizations and to be able to interpret the various types and purpose of approaches to organizational change.

Students will:

  • Understand the implications and dimensions of driving change in public and private organizations; and
  • Analyze and interpret various types and purposes of approaches to organizational change
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  • RETHINKING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE: Reframing the Challenge of Change Management
  • Kenneth W. Kerber

Problem Set

You are hired as a new director for your unit. Early on, you notice that the operation of your unit is extremely inefficient and a lot of valuable time and resources are being wasted.

To help your unit become more efficient, you decide to restructure the unit. You decide that the most efficient way to do this is through a change management plan.

How do you first work to understand the source of the inefficiency? Walk us through a change management plan, first identifying and then addressing the areas of concern. How do you determine what needs to be done? How do you analyze possible implications? How do you determine what would be the right approach to your change management plan? What do you share with the workforce? What do you share with the stakeholders?