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Core Concerns of Social Psychology

The study of the nature and causes of human behavior is known as social psychology. When around other people, people frequently behave differently. In addition to influencing actions, behavior can also impact thoughts and emotions. The five fundamental issues of social psychology, which offer a thorough understanding of how people interact with others and their environment, are also used to describe social psychology (Delamater et al., 2018). These fundamental issues are interconnected and can influence how people behave and think in many social settings. The subject of the discussion is examples of social interaction and how core social psychology issues affect them.

The workplace is an example of a social setting. People are continuously interacting with one another and their surroundings during work. An illustration of one individual’s influence on another is how a manager affects subordinates. Depending on their manager’s expectations and leadership style, the subordinates may modify their behavior. On the other hand, employees’ contributions to a company’s overall success show the influence that individuals have on the groups to which they belong. The people could play leadership roles in which they make decisions that significantly impact the company’s success (Delamater et al., 2018).

A social club is another illustration of a social setting. In this situation, it is possible to understand how a group’s influence on an individual member can be seen in how belonging to a club can affect a person’s beliefs and attitudes. For instance, participation in political activities and political opinions can be influenced by membership in a political club. The nature of the club’s culture and rules determining members’ conduct is an example of how social environment and structure affect groups and individuals. These two instances demonstrate how some of the five core issues in social psychology can influence how people behave and think in various social settings. These interactions can significantly influence a person’s views, attitudes, and behaviors. 


Introduction to Social Psychology and Its Methods of Research

I would like to share the herd effect, which we often encounter in our lives. For example, when we go to restaurants, we often choose restaurants with a lot of customers or good reviews on the Internet. Even if we have to wait for a long time, we are still willing to eat there. Everyone will think that A restaurant with a long queue outside the store or a restaurant that is very popular on the Internet such as ins and other social media must be delicious. When shopping on Amazon, search for xx sports bracelets, smart phones, xx shopping agents, cosmetics, etc., and hundreds of pages of results will pop up. We may habitually rank them by sales volume, which will produce a kind of “this company’s sales volume” There are many, and there are many good reviews, and the choices of so many people should be trustworthy.” This kind of mentality. In the live broadcast room of the tiktok anchor, we saw that other people bought the product, and we couldn’t help but place an order to buy it. These are common “herd behaviors” in life.Our ancestors lived in the form of tribes. Seeking a sense of belonging is a strong psychological need of human beings.

Consider these in terms of five core questions
1. When a person faces many opposing voices, it is easy to lose his mind, lose his position and principles, and follow the trend.
2. From another perspective, it can cultivate people’s correct values and understanding, and also encourage the diversification of beliefs. When we need to make evaluations and choices about the outside world, everyone has their own steelyard in their hearts.
3. The herd effect, speaking from a certain level, will also cause some people with great personality to hinder the development and existence of their innovation and truth due to their insufficient standpoint.
4. The positive herd effect can motivate each other and make brave actions, which is conducive to the establishment of a good social atmosphere and the individual’s psychological balance, otherwise the result will be the opposite.
5. The herd mentality will let us find that some people obey superficially, while others approve from the bottom of their hearts, which fully demonstrates the importance of democratic appraisal.