Complete the following sections of the research proposal, include title page:


Explain each step the researcher will take in order to conduct the study. In this section, there are 3 subsections:

  • Research Design

Identify design (survey, experiment, observation, meta-analysis, etc.). Explain how this design will produce results. Discuss how the data will be collected, including how the subjects will participate in the study. Reiterate the theoretical model and how it guides and predicts this study.

  • Sampling

Describe in detail the population of the sample, e.g., gender, age, SES, ethnicity (demographics as pertinent to the study). From where will potential subjects be selected? What are the criteria for being selected as a participant? Which specific sampling method will be used, and what is the rationale for using that method?

  1. Instrumentation

Identify and describe, in detail, all instruments used in the study (surveys, tests, questionnaires, existing data sources, observation grids, etc.). Discuss how the instruments will measure the independent and dependent variables. Include reliability and validity data for each instrument. Provide a rationale for each instrument selection (why is the instrument appropriate for your study?)