Every dissertation needs to have a theoretical foundation and/or a conceptual framework discussion in the literature review section. The theoretical framework will be the lens (perspective) through which you evaluate your research problem and research questions. While a theoretical framework is typically required for quantitative studies, a conceptual framework can be used in qualitative studies. Yet, both theoretical and conceptual frameworks can be used for either quantitative or qualitative studies, depending on the theorist.

Write aresponse to the following:

  • State your updated problem statement.
  • State a theory and/or concept that is applicable to your research and explain how that theory or concept would frame your research.


Consider the significance or importance of your study using the SPL Model as a foundation.

Write a response to the following:

  • How might your study be significant for the scholarly community?
  • How might your study be significant for practitioners in your field of study?
  • How might your study be significant for leaders in your field of study?

My work: my info is also attached with references in my paper attached.

Purpose Statement: This qualitative narrative inquiry aims to understand how individuals who work remotely manage to maintain their social and group interactions to prevent a sense of loneliness and isolation.

Problem: The research design selected is a qualitative method design. The problem of the qualitative method design is that remote working can inhibit social and group interactions, resulting in loneliness and isolation among employees.