Question : How long have you been a nurse?

Answer : I have been a nurse for 10 years.

Question: What health care delivery system do you work in?

Answer : Currently working as a Registered Nurse in a Nursing Home.

Question: What historical, societal, political and/or economic events have had an impact on nursing practice?

Question: When I started working as a nurse, it was tough and challenging especially just coming out of school. I would say war, technology, and roles of organizations such as ANA have helped improved nursing experience. With the use of Electronic Health Record, it facilitates jobs ease and satisfaction. EHRs helps provide better care by improving the accuracy and clarity of medical records. Record-keeping becomes more efficient so we can easily access the patient’s data. Now we have many advanced technologies that have a positive impact on nursing practice. Telehealth technology helps the provider to take care of the patient virtually without exposing then to any kind of infection. Telehealth is high value in the current COVID-19 Situation because it has helped to minimize the spread of infection. Today, nurses have many opportunities to grow. They make up the largest workforce in health care, it is one of the best professions in the country. The nurse can attain higher education, like master and Ph.D. Also, they can be highly specialized in new fields like informatics and forensic.

Question : Since you became a nurse what is one major challenge you have faced in the delivery of quality patient care?

Question: The major challenges I face is the delivery of quality care, we are always short of stuff and it was a big concern. Nurses work long hours and each nurse has many patients at each shift. There is not enough time to provide the care necessary to patients and families. Shortage of nurses has a great negative impact on patient care, even with the pandemic, we are still facing this problem.

Question :Do you have any words of wisdom for a brand-new nursing student to survive nursing school or the transition to nursing practice?

Answer : Nursing is an honorable profession; it is a job that you work from the heart. Nursing school is hard work. You have more to read than you can ever finish, and you have more assignments than you can finish. You will need to practically turn your life inside out and rearrange your life to be able to pass Nursing school. It is not going to be easy. Be prepared for the bumpy ride. If you survive it is worth the pain. As a nurse, love what you do, no matter what challenge you will face. When you have passion for what you do. It will give you the strength to move on. Get organized, study smart, practice every day, and reward yourself for a single accomplishment.


Use the above Interview to answer the following questions .Make sure the above interview Transcript be on the beginning of the paper .For this assignment submit the following: Also include a title page and a reference page.

1. Obtain 1 scholarly nursing article or nursing research study in a scholarly journal that supports the practice change identified by the interviewee. Do NOT post an image or put the journal in your article. Cite the article properly using APA format on the Reference page.

2. Summarize the findings of the article as it relates to the practice change identified (at least 1 paragraph).

3. Provide personal insights on how evidenced-based practice impacts the profession of nursing and nursing practice (at least 1 paragraph).