Read “Case 3-1, You Can’t Get There From Here: Uber Slow On Diversity” in Chapter 3 of the textbook. 

Write an introduction to give context to your paper by explaining what the paper will cover. Then, divide the body of your paper using the seven headers below. Address the points within that section, as indicated under the header. 

Employment Law 

Identify what employment law Susan Fowler’s sexual harassment claim would be characterized as.

Type of Harassment 

Identify the type(s) of harassment to which Ms. Fowler was exposed. 

Uber’s Actions 

Identify actions Uber has taken to limit their liability relative to sexual harassment charges. 

EEOCandAffirmative Action 

After reviewing Uber’s diversity report, does it appear Uber is in violation of any EEOC and affirmative action laws? 


Explain why diversity matters in general and more specifically to Uber. 

Benefits/Challenges of a Diverse Workforce 

Identify and explain the benefits and challenges Uber derives from a more diverse workforce. 

Legal Provisions of Uber Case 

Write a summary that identifies legal provisions or considerations covered within this case study as it relates to a human resource management (HRM) perspective. Conclude with an analysis with your thoughts on how ethics and HRMprofessional standards are framed by legal provisions within a specific organization or industry (e.g., business, health care).