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Response 1

The most important reason to disseminate research, is to create a greater awareness of issues around us. The research process is dissemination of findings-in other words, telling people what you have learned and allowing your findings to become part of the body of knowledge about a particular topic…and helps to close the gap between research and clinical practice” (Dissemination of research results is important also as it may provide options for practice improve communication and better patient outcomes. Research on topics of interest can replicate the results of previous studies and add strength to findings or disprove beliefs commonly held. Disseminating the results of your research allows others the opportunity to evaluate your research. This can then motivate others to act and support in helping make changes to the issues at hand. At my work place we always research to prevent fall, infection, med error and etc. Every department create lesson plan and at monthly meeting presented by the education department and as requested by staff during in-service. For example, I recently have to research on pain management and make lesson plan for nurses.


Schipper, K., Bakker, M., De Wit, M., Ket, J. C. F., & Abma, T. A. (2016). Strategies for disseminating recommendations or guidelines to patients: a systematic review. Implementation Science, 11

Response 2

To disseminate research is important because that is how information spreads. Evidence based practice is a form of having research spread and it allows for other researchers to build off it then coming to the best practice available. This counts for other types of research as well, for example, in my prerequisite english course I had done a paper on hospitals in third world countries. Without people’s research articles and experiences being shared I would not have gotten the information that I needed and same goes for a lot within my nursing career. Within medicine, there is always a knowledge gap, according to an article I found “Efforts to close this knowledge-to-action gap can be addressed through knowledge translation, which is composed of knowledge synthesis, dissemination, exchange, and application” (Coyne, et. al., 2022). Having the technology we have today, we are able to spread knowledge world wide. I think as a population, we rely on research (on whatever it may be) being disseminated, it is how we all gain knowledge on our professions. 

In nursing, research studies need to be shared due to the amount of medications and practices we give and perform. Having the ability to research what is safe or our patients and what is not plays a large role in how we are able to do our jobs. 

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