A) The manufacturing cost of the widgets your company makes has dropped by 50%. One of your customers, Sam, tells you he knows this because he is best friends with your company’s VP of production and asks you for a discount on his order. Your boss okays the discount. Your other customer, Sue (who is one of your best friends and knows nothing about the drop in manufacturing costs), places the exact same order for widgets as Sam. Do you offer her a similar discount? Do you tell her about the drop in manufacturing costs?

B) You are in charge of a project where the quality didn’t quite meet standards but needs to be shipped immediately or the customer will be upset. Reworking the job will create an expensive and all too visible spoilage. Making the decision tougher, the product already shipped to warehouses and retail stores all over the country. Your client, the wholesaler, will only see a few samples that are hand-picked by your sample selectors. In short, your client will most likely never know there was a problem and neither would retail customers. What do you do?