1) Copy and paste your target population from a previous practice assignment

2) Write 1 overarching goal for your intervention. Your goal should communicate what you broadly hope to accomplish with your intervention and for whom.

3) List 2-3 specific and measureable steps to reach your goal (Objectives). Each objective should include an outcome (what should be accomplished), condition (when will it be accomplished), criteria (how much will be accomplished) and target population (who it will be accomplished by).

It may be helpful to read through some of the Healthy People 2030 objectives at the following link. Keep in mind that the “when” for all of these objectives is 2030, so that is not specifically stated. Click on each objective to see more specific data for the objective.

Physical Activity – Healthy People 2030 |

Example Goal and Objectives from Professor Graham:

Goal: Increase weekly physical activity to improve the health profile and physical function of older adults participating in this intervention.

Objective 1: Significantly increase (criteria/ how much ) all intervention participants’ (target population / who) weekly amount of physical activity (outcome / what) by the end of the study (condition / when)

Objective 2: Reduce at least 2 cardiovascular risk factors (BMI, waist circumference, blood sugar, blood pressure, resting heart rate, etc.) (outcome / criteria) for each intervention participant (target population) by the end of the intervention (condition)

Objective 3: Significantly improve (criteria) physical function scores, as measured by the Katz ADL (outcome) tool in 75% or more intervention participants (target population) by the end of the intervention (condition)