McDonald’s is interested in your opinion of how it would stack up on a perceptual map against Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Chick-fil-A on the attributes of convenience and product quality. Create the map by putting convenience as the vertical axis (high at the top and low at the bottom) and product quality as the horizontal axis (low on the left and high on the right). Then indicate your perceptions of the five brands on these attributes by placing a dot for each in the spot that indicates your view (see Exhibit 7.12 for examples). 

What does the result reveal about McDonald’s current positioning on these attributes, based strictl y from your perception?

If possible, compare notes with others in your class. Do you find consistency?

  • In general, what opportunities for repositioning do you see for any of the brands to take advantage of current perceptions revealed on the perceptual map? What would they have to do to accomplish this repositioning
  • Please provide a detailed response at least one page. Use outside research and the text to assist you in providing a comprehensive response
  • Textbook Marketing Management 4th ed By Greg Marshall and Mark Johnston