As we can see in Stevenson (2021), enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a computerized system designed to connect all parts of a business organization as well as key portions of its supply chain to a single database for the purpose of information sharing. In the image below we can see the connections between different organizational parts to ERP.Figure 13.7 Module 10 Key connections to ERP system

elecomm Systems is a small organization that wants to expand their reach to become an international organization. They offer satellite internet and mobile phone services. Their processes for decision making are long and time consuming as they rely on paper reports every time they need to evaluate something. Before expanding their service internationally, they have decided to implement an ERP system. 

Thinking about Telecomm Systems address the following: 

Explain three benefits the organization will achieve by using ERP.

Identify three disadvantages the organization might face while implementing ERP.

Determine how the use of ERP will impact planning and scheduling in the organization. 

  • Analyze how ERP will help the organization manage supply and demand internationally.
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