Long Term Care Healthcare Delivery Organization Presentation:

Develop a financial analysis of a long-term healthcare delivery organization of your choosing. The intent of this assignment is to evaluate the financial and operational health of the organization and disseminate the information to the class. You may pursue, analyze, and synthesize any information source you choose (e.g., website content, personal interviews, organizational documentation). Strive to be rigorous and thorough in your research. Note: For-profit organizations are generally easier to research than not-for-profits as all financials are reportable to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

• Preliminary Deliverable (Week 3): Identify the organization you will review and begin your analysis of the business’ location(s), competitive market(s), service lines, and business segments, for example. The assignment is iterative in nature—meaning you can build off the work completed this week in your future deliverables. Submit 2-3 slides describing the organization and your preliminary analysis.