The public administrator is responsible for creating an environment that facilitates effective collaborative efforts for both intergovernmental and cross-sector relations. A holistic management approach for successful collaboration is needed, such as knowledge of social, cultural, and political landscapes. These management skills will help in leading a collaborative partnership for a common goal. 

For this assignment, continue your analysis from Week 4. Include an executive summary and prepare 12 to 15 slides for the legislators to present the Strategic Collaboration Action Plan to formally request legislative permission to form the partnership. Your presentation should be for the state or local legislative body and include the following information:

  1. Give an action plan for your chosen collaboration model from Week 4.

Clearly describe the purpose of the collaboration relative to the identified problem from Week 4.

  1. Include a brief overview of the collaborative model selected from Week 4.

Identify the partners (3 to 4) who will participate in the collaborative effort, including any resources or capacity the partner may bring to the table that will benefit the overall purpose of the collaboration.

Develop and discuss specific goals, objectives, and results desired for the collaborative effort.

  • Describe the management skills, such as negotiation, that will be needed to lead multiple collaborative partners around a shared purpose. Consider why accountability will be important for collaborative efforts.
  • Cite any sources to support your assignment.