part 1

 For your first part of the journal you will be researching one of the key stage theorists in child development.  You will need to choose one of the following theorists, research their life and theory, and then write a 2–3-page paper that discusses the key events in their life that you feel contributed to the development of their theory.  Make sure to specifically discuss what aspects of their theory are related the events discussed. 

Erik Erikson Signmund Freud   Jean PiagetErik EriksonSigmund FreudJean Piaget

Choose from:

Sigmund Freud –

Erik Erikson – 

Jean Piaget –

part 2

In preparation for your final project, it will be important that you locate a number of scholarly sources on child development. You should try to focus these articles on the age range/developmental issues for the child you are going to focus your writing on.

Create an annotated bibliography where you will locate and summarize 8 scholarly sources related to child development that will help you to prepare for your final project.

Annotations may consist of all or part of the following list of items, depending on the purpose of the bibliography:

Describe the content (focus) of the source

Describe the usefulness of the source

Evaluate the reliability of the source

Discuss any conclusions the author(s) may have made

Note key points from the article relevant to your final project

Describe your reaction to the source