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Diversity in management reflects in sales revenue, customers, relative profits, and market share. Diversity increases the company in all of these areas. Diversity increases better problem-solving and an increase in productivity (Lee, 2023). The reason behind this would be because with an increase in diversity, there is an increase in different beliefs and/or ideas that some may not have if diversity was not apart of the company. In result of new ideas, this sparks creativity within the workplace (Stahl, 2022). With creativity, this provides the company with numerous ideas on how to solve problems, make the company more efficient, and create a bigger customer base as there is an increase in representation. In society, there is a big need for representation within a company to provide a bigger customer base. Society feels as if they believe the company is representing their race, gender, ethnicity, etc. then they are more likely to support the company whether it be to spread the word or buy products from the company. A negative effect of diversity in management can be poor or miscommunication (Contributer, 2020). As each culture reacts and communicates differently, this can create conflict within the company. One culture can respond in a way they think it is appropriate but to a different culture, it could be different and actually could be considered disrespectful. With diversity in management, there also could be a resistance to change (Western Governors University, 2021). If certain workers are used to the company being a certain way but diversity requires changes in the company, the veterans may have an issue with the change in the company. As usual, there also could be prejudice and discrimination within the company. In society, people have their beliefs, which can be apart of the discrimination within the workplace as certain people were grown up and learnt behavior that is not respectful towards people that are different than they are. Diversity is very beneficial but can also be harmful to the worker’s mental space and can also create conflict within coworkers. Organizations can create bonding within their workers to understand the type of way each person responds and communications. Management would need to create a space in their workplace environment that each worker feels safe in to be themselves with no judgement and have their workers understand how each person needs to be communicated to respectfully.