Film Review

Students have the freedom to choose a movie or documentary for the Film Review assignment. The movie must take place in USA. The film must also encompass the time or era we are learning about. For example, HIST 1301, 1500-1865 and HIST 1302, 1865-Present. The main objective of the assignment is to make as many connections to US history. Explain how the connections you made helps us understand changes that have occurred over time.

Please read the following guidelines:

What was the strongest emotion you felt when watching the film?

What did you learn from this movie?

Which character did you love, pity, admire, or hate the most? Why?

  1. How does the Film connect to USA history?

Students must write film review. Please review the film and make as many connections to US History and today. 

  1. Discussion Question:


  1. Why did you choose the film? Does everyone have the same experience, why or why not? How does it connect to your life experience in America?