part 1 

This semester, you will choose 1 behavior change to work on over this semester. 

You will discuss your behavior change experiences and your progress in the Behavior Change Final Reflections e x a m at the end of the semester.

Take the Wellness Quiz by clicking on the 1st link below. You do not need to have the assessment emailed to you. You will not submit the quiz to me. As you complete each dimension of the quiz, write down the name of the dimension and the score. For example, physical 25. Then look at your highest and lowest scores. Your lowest scores are areas you may want to investigate. After completing the quiz, click on the 7 Dimensions of Wellness link. You will see a list of the dimensions, for example, click on Physical. When you scroll through the page you will see Strategies to Enhance Your Physical Wellness. Click on each dimension to give you ideas of behavior changes you may be interested in completing this semester.

Wellness Assessment

  1. Links to an external site.
    Links to an external site.The 7 Dimensions of Wellness

Links to an external site.

After completing the Wellness Quiz, answer the following question: (5 Points)

What was the Dimension of Wellness you need to improve the most and what is one strategy to improve in this area?

Watch the 6 Stages of Change Video by clicking on the link below. 

Video: 6 Stages of Change

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After watching the video, answer the following questions: (5 Points)
What are 2 behaviors have you tried to change and were you successful?
Do you think you would be more successful now that you know about the 6 Stages of Change and why?

Reply to a minimum of 3 other students. Be sure to write a minimum of one paragraph. (5 Points).

part 2.
For this assignment, you will create your own behavior change goal. By using the information from Discussion 2 and SMART Goals, and after you have submitted this assignment and received my feedback, you will try to make progress towards or reach your goal during this semester. You will tell me about your experience at the end of the semester when you are completing your Behavior Change Reflections Final.Complete Discussion 2 before starting this assignment.Read the Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way pdf by clicking on the link below. You can also find this pdf in Module 2.SMART GOALS ActionsConsider all your behaviors, from eating, smoking, and exercise habits, to how well you manage your emotional health, protect yourself from disease, injury, and abuse, to stress and sleep management. Create Your Specific Behavior Change Goal

Create your specific behavior change goal. (5 points)

For example, I will reduce the amount of soda I drink to 3 cans per week.

Is your goal measurable? How will you measure your progress? Describe your measurement tool and what you will be tracking each week. (10 points)

  1. For example, I will keep a count of how many cans of soda I drink a day and reduce by one can a week until I reach my goal. I will track my behavior by writing down how many cans I drink each day. 

Is your goal relevant and why? Why is this goal important to you? (10 points)

For example, This is important because I want to lose weight and have fewer cavities. I want to reduce my sugar intake to improve my health and avoid Diabetes Type II.