In recent years, the concept that “sitting is the new smoking” or “the sitting disease” has been a rally cry to reduce the amount of time spent sitting. This is because we are discovering that no matter whether you are sedentary, moderately active or even an athlete, total daily sitting time, as well as long, uninterrupted bouts of sitting, can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease and dysfunction. While in this class, we track total physical activity in Training Peaks, it doesn’t always reflect how much sedentary / sitting time you engage in between those bouts of physical activity (“what do you do the other 23.5 hours of the day?”) 

For this Application Activity, please read pages 51-66 (Concept 7) in the course textbook, the brief “Sitting is the New Smoking” article (which was written for GPs, or general practitioners, but it still relevant) and this American Heart Association Scientific Statement and watch this video called 23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health? Once complete the following application activity: 

2. Complete Lab 7B on Pages 65-66. 

2 a. You have three options to complete this lab:

i. You can use the sheets in your book and then scan your results to be submitted.

ii. You can download the provided copies of the lab, fill in your responses, scan and submit.

iii. You can type up your responses in a document to be submitted. 

3. Answer the following questions:

a. Regardless of your current physical activity level, have the assigned readings changed your perspective on your sitting habits? 

b. In the video, in light of more recent research on “the sitting disease” mentioned in the 2 short articles, how would you change or improve Dr. Mike Evans’ closing statement: “Can you limit your sitting and sleeping to just 23 ½ hours a day?” 

c. What are some specific and realistic strategies that you or someone with a “sitting problem” can implement to minimize daily sitting time? (Quitting school / work is not a realistic strategy!) 

4. While completing the assignment be sure to reflect back on the Readings and website listed above.

Video link:  

Reading link:,-Date%3A%20August%2015&text=Summary%3A,from%20the%20American%20Heart%20Association.