7 DQ 1

Read the Devolution of Operations Plan Template. Explain how this is an important component in writing a COOP. Considering the incident you are using to develop your COOP plan for Yourtown, which part of the overview might cause concern?
Topic 7 DQ 2
In evaluating the Arizona Department of Education COOP, explain if feedback on the execution of the COOP was gathered or not. When returning to or resuming normal school agency operations, explain if it is important to gather feedback on the execution and implementation of the COOP or not. Describe how your COOP will gather and utilize feedback.
Topic 8 DQ 1
Access and view the “After Action Analysis Timeline” and select one incident in the timeline. Explain why that incident response needed better testing, training, and exercise plans by emergency management. Discuss why it is important to have testing, training, and exercise plans as an Emergency Manager.

Topic 8 DQ 2 

Discuss why evaluation and documentation of the maintenance of plan is a vital component of the plan in Emergency Management.