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Measurement is essential to monitoring success and helps guide the team toward specific intervention goals. Measurement also will identify what’s working and what’s not and provides evidence to inspire other healthcare providers to improve the number of falls in older adults. For my proposal, surveys will be conducted at the beginning of each session to determine patients’ perceptions of the availability and adequacy of preventive and clinical services to reduce falls among older adults. The survey will focus on education received during the session and exercise to strengthen muscle. I will use Formative evaluation which is a rigorous assessment process designed to identify potential and actual influences on the effectiveness of implementation efforts (Stetler et al., 2019).

I will also use Falls Prevention Auditwich a tool designed for use in Acute, Long-Term, and Home Care, Supportive Living, and Rehab, and was developed to allow organizations to assess the quality of their fall prevention and injury reduction practices and determine the areas requiring quality improvement.

Before-and-after interventions will compare changes in outcomes for the group at a single time point before and after receiving exercise and education about fall reduction. I will provide it by measuring the number of falls before and after interventions. The evaluation will raise questions regarding structural aspects of reducing falls, It can also identify barriers to progress and highlighted future needs for a proactive, systematic evaluation. 


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