Week 2 Discussion

In your initial discussion forum post (of at least 250 words) be sure to do the following:

  • Provide the title of the article you read. Remember, you chose it from the list below:
  • Reflect on the article you read and Chapter 3 of the textbook. In your reflection,
    • Briefly describe what the article is about.
    • Share two things from the article that had a deep impact on your thoughts about growth.
    • Describe a growth experience you had recently or an experience in the past.
    • Discuss the personal and professional (career-related) growth you hope to achieve during your college journey.
    • Explain how you plan to use that growth to enrich your family, community, and society.

Week 3 Discussion

In your initial discussion forum post (250 words):

  • Describe your long-term career goal. (to be an evangelist)
  • Name the occupation/career you want to have in five years.
  • Find an occupational job listing on O*Net Online Links to an external site.and review the qualifications for the occupation/career you want in five years.
  • From what you find in the job description, explain three skills that you will need to learn.
  • Name a professional organization you could join or a business owner you could shadow to help you achieve your goals. You will include this information in your Week 5 Professional Development Plan.
  • Reflect on your long-term career goal and the Week 5 Professional Development Plan:
    • Describe two people or professional resources to help you on your journey to a college degree.
    • Describe two UAGC resources to help you on your journey to a college degree.
  • Reflect on what you have learned so far in this course:
    • List three potential roadblocks you may encounter as you work toward the goal of completing your Week 5 Final Project.
    • Your roadblocks will be very personal to you. For example, maybe you have a big project deadline looming over the next few weeks, or maybe a relative is having surgery. Whatever your potential roadblock, you will have a strategy to support you going forward. You will have a plan for success!
  • Use the template below to list three potential roadblocks and three strategies you can use to overcome the roadblocks. You may highlight, copy, and paste the template into a separate document and attach it to your post, or you can paste the template directly into your discussion post.

Potential Roadblock


Week 4 Discussion 1

Based on your last name, find the trait you have been assigned.

    • A–J: grit (Last name is Claye)
    • K–S: resilience
    • T–Z: growth mindset

In your initial post of a minimum of 200 words,

  • Share an example of when you demonstrated your assigned trait.
  • Discuss one personal idea you gained by reading the articles or watching the video.
  • Describe a social support network you can rely on during your college journey.

Week 4 Discussion 2

In your initial discussion forum post (of a minimum of 250 words),

  • Choose four soft skills from the Top 11 Skills Employers Look for in Candidates Links to an external site. that will be important to your professional success. Prioritize them, starting with the most important skill.
  • Describe how each skill can support you in your profession.
    • For example, you can say, “As a business owner, effective communication will be important because my success will depend on …” or “As an early childhood educator, open-mindedness will be important because …”
  • Identify two resources from the Career Services site that will support you as you pursue your career goals.
  • Identify a leader in your life who demonstrates the four soft skills you chose.

Week 5 Discussion

In your initial discussion forum post (of a minimum of 150 words),

  • Describe one thing you have done in this course that has made you proud.
  • Explain why you are proud of this accomplishment.
  • Discuss the biggest challenge or obstacle you had to overcome in this course.
  • Describe a strategy you can use to overcome this obstacle in future courses.
  • Explain the skills you have learned in this course that you can use in future courses.