Managing Human Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion

Learning Materials:

Snell, S. A., Konopaske, R., & Bateman, T. S. (2015). M: Management. McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN: 978007862596. Read chapters 8 & 9.

Additional Resources:

Credible Web pages that provide you with insights about strategies and tactics to remain competitive in a rapidly changing technological world.

Credible Web pages to help you gain deeper insight about performance assessment when employing high-performance teams.

Credible Web pages that assist you in finding firms that have experienced exceptional growth and provide you with insights about the challenges such firms have faced.

Credible Web pages exploring how diversity brings advantages to firms trying to compete globally.

Credible Web pages supporting growing insights about what is required to be successful in a global marketplace and the complexity of what is truly required.


Discussion Question 1: Given the speed at which technology changes and improves, how is it most likely to affect Human Resource Management practices in the next decade?