Important Tips:

Before You Watch the Writing Sample Video:

Study the scoring dimensions so you know how your writing sample will be assessed.

While You Watch the Video (Gathering Information for the Incident Report):

  • Take notes.

Answer these six important questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Do not fabricate any information. The relevant information is explicit in the video. 

  • Do not ignore conflicting or inconsistent information.
  • After You Watch the Video (Complete the Incident Report):
  • Make an outline to organize your thoughts.
  • Draft your narrative response, avoiding unnecessary detail.

Be concise. Be specific and include essential details, using only necessary words.

Present the information in a logical and meaningful order.

  • Check for proper spelling, word choice/usage, and grammar.
  • Check for appropriate punctuation and capitalization in your form and the narrative portions of your Incident Report.
  • Check for proper sentence structure.
  • Check for accuracy, completeness, and organization. Ensure that all relevant information is included in the form of the narrative.
  • Additional Tips:
  • Search for “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How”  These six words correspond to six general types of information that should be used when describing the content of the video. The Incident Report is likely incomplete if it leaves out any of these pieces of information. To gather the information described by these six words, answer the following six questions:
  • 1. Who is directly involved in the incident? This would include witnesses, victims, and suspects.
  • 2. What happened?

3. When did it happen?

4. Where did it happen?

5. Why did it happen?

6. How did it happen?