Based on numerous influenza pandemics, there are three distinct waves of transmission, with the second wave being the worst. COVID-19 presented differently.

Provided here (as a download) is a very short report from the Center of Infectious Diseases Research and Policy (CIDRAP)  In it, the authors describe the situation with COVID-19 in 2020. The report presents three possible and plausible scenarios for the future of COVID-19 beyond the summer of 2020. Go to figure on page 7 of the report. The figure shows three charts that plot potential “waves” of COVID infection. The first shows “Peaks and Valleys.” The peaks aren’t very steep, but the infection continues on for many months. The second chart shows a Fall 2020 peak that is very serious, but then the infections decline over time. The third chart is the Slow Burn scenario, which is similar to Peaks and Valleys. It shows mini peaks continuing for a period of time.

Which of these scenarios do you believe best represents the dynamics of the COVID-19 transmission profile as of today? More importantly, explore how this has and will affect you. Look at these four areas of your personal and professional life:

Effects of the most likely scenario on you personally

Effects of the most likely scenario on your prospects for a job

Effects of the most likely scenario on your community

  • Effects of the most likely scenario on the nation’s overall economy