addition it will cover the handout from Week 2 on the Consumer Choice Model (which you are

using for your research study)

As this is a Take-home exam, it will be graded on the basis of both content and structure. You
should take the time to organize your answer before writing it out. I will be looking for you to
highlight in your answer both content from the textbook that supports your answer, as well as
any additional information from my lectures in the Narratives I sent out over D2L.
Your answer to each question cannot exceed 2 pages in Word (I am assuming you will be using
single-spacing). Your answer can be shorter than 2 pages, but I would recommend that you use
the full 2 pages to indicate to me that you have acquired as much information as possible.

Here are the questions. You need to answer four out of the five questions.

1. Go over the Consumer Choice Model, discuss the 5 Values and apply them to the Tesla


2. Go over the Model of Consumer Decision-Making in Chapter 15.

3. Discuss each of the External Influences (Culture, Subculture, Reference Groups, Social

Class, Family) and highlight a specific Figure, Table, etc. from Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12

that you think represent the most important insight into each influence.

4. Discuss Market Segmentation and Strategic Targeting in Chapter 3.

5. Define the Marketing Concept from Chapter 1 and discuss it is being followed by the

company you chose to do your research study on.

The Textbook is 

Consumer Behavior, Schiffman and Kanuk, Prentice Hall, 10th ed. (Textbook-CB)