McLean, S. (2010). Business Communication for Success. The Saylor Foundation. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 License without attribution as requested by the work’s original creator or licensee.

Chapter 4 

Supplemental Readings (these readings are not required but are beneficial for an expanded knowledge base within this unit)

1)      Visit for a list of the top ten business magazines.

2)      Appearance counts. Read an article by communications expert Fran Lebo on enhancing the nonverbal aspects of your document.—Appearance-Counts&id=3039288

Video Resources

  • CrashCourse. (2019, March 27). The secret to business writing: Crash course business – Soft skills #3 [Video]. YouTube. 

Learning Journal Task

Describe at least two of the barriers to communication mentioned in the textbook(pages 58-63) and write about how a past piece of your writing contained these barriers and what you should have done to rectify the situation.

In addition to this task, please include a vocabulary list of unfamiliar words from the required readings and provide definitions. Remember to cite the sources of these definitions.