The Problem of Evil

Some Questions:

What is evil? What does evil mean?
Is evil different than bad?

Does evil exist as independent from
human beings? Floating out there in the world?

Is evil a product of the Divine? Is
evil the Divine’s opposite?


Is evil in the hearts and minds of
human beings?

Is evil a creation all our own?


For this week we are looking at a take
on the question of evil. After reading the piece by Gottfried Leibniz (attached
PDF on our homepage for this discussion), consider the following in crafting at
least a 2 paragraph response (There is no word count limit for posting this

For this Week’s Discussion:

*Reflect on the above questions
concerning evil…what do you think?

*Leibniz maintained it was within
God’s capacity to create a world without evil. So, if there is God, why did God
create a world where evil can exist? He also maintained that the world we live
in is the “Best of all Possible Worlds” in allowing all phenomena to arise
therefore it is ultimately good. Do you agree or disagree?