• de la Cova, C. (2019). Marginalized bodies and the construction of the Robert J. Terry anatomical skeletal collection: a promised land lost. In: M. L. Mant & A. J. Holland (eds) Bioarchaeology of Marginalized People (pp. 133–155). Academic Press.
  • Spiros, M. C., Plemons, A. M., & Biggs, J. A. (2022). Pedagogical access and ethical considerations in forensic anthropology and bioarchaeology. Science & Justice.
  • MOVE Penn Slate (2021, NO SUMMARY). This is an online magazine piece about the incidence where a professor in University of Pennsylvania used remains of the 1985 MOVE bombing victims to teach. Please read through this piece and prepare a couple of thoughts/questions/discussion points to share in class. to an external site.

Summary Instructions:

Submit a summary each for de la Cova (2019) and Spiros et al. (2022). Each summary should start with the article title and end with at least one question or discussion point. These do not count toward the word limit. The main content of a summary should include the key points or arguments of the article (not simply a list of headings or sections). Construct your sentences carefully to make your summary informative and comprehensive. Use your own sentences and NEVER just tweak the publish abstracts. Each summary should be between 120 and 150 words (single spaced). Put both summaries on one Word document.