When standing on the ground next to a known plate boundary, it can often be hard to tell if the two plates are moving toward each other, away from each other, or sliding past one another. Scientists have been able to identify many key features at plate boundary regions that are unique to each type of plate boundary. When these defining features are observed, scientists can make a preliminary prediction about what type of plate boundary they are looking at!


For your assignment, complete the following list below:

Define, in your own words, each type of plate boundary.

Choose one type of plate boundary and create a list of key features found near that plate boundary. Provide the name of one real-world example of this type of plate boundary (or describe a location in the world where we see this type of plate boundary). 

  1. Hint: Remember, there are 3 subtypes of convergent boundaries, these must be included as well in your answer to number one.

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write out the answers to your questions

take a picture of the drawings with your smart phone/camera and email it/airdrop it to yourself

You can also free apps like camscanner, notes (for iPhone users), etc. to convert a photo to a scanned document

  1. you can save the document once it is on your computer and submit it to this assignment as a PDF or jpeg. 
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