Students will choose two objects of Korean Art from the Asian Art Museum’s or the Smithsonian’s collections of Korean art or from the Asian Galleries in the Crocker Art Museum from the following types:

  1. Buddhist sculpture Compare two images from different periods or with a clearly different iconography. Your paper will be on both stylistic differences and differences in their religious context.
  2. Ceramics – Compare two objects from different periods with different aesthetics and technical processes. You will define and compare these in your paper, along with any religious or political intent that might have influenced their production or patron, as well as reading the symbolism inherent in their decoration. Note: the bases give important information about how, when, and where the pieces were fired – choose images with clearly published photographs of the bases.
  3. Folk Painting – Choose two paintings, each with a different subject and format. This could be a series of auspicious words with auspicious symbols wrapped around them or a multi-part screen depicting tigers and magpies. You will place each in its aesthetic and political/social context, including analyzing the symbols chosen by the artist and patron.…

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