Part 1:  Research Designs and Threats to Validity Go to the American Psychological Association’s links to data sets and repositories: APA Data Sets and Repositories

  • Click on and read about one of the data sets that interests you
  • Explore the data base websites
  • What type of research design was used in the study you selected. 
  • What are the threats to external validity for the data set you selected. 
  • Be sure to support your discussion with scholarly sources

Part 2:  

Option A. Go to PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, PubMed, ERIC, or JSTOR and search for an article in an area of your interest that used a within-subjects experimental design.

  • Read the article
  • Why was a within-subjects experimental design used in the study?
  • What was the within-subjects factor identified?
  • How were time related factors controlled?