Homework Tannen and Cameron
I’ve taken these four questions from the set of reading/viewing questions I provided to guide
your understanding of these two scholars. Almost all of your response to each question should
be in your own words. If you quote from the sources, then you need to make that clear (by
using quotation marks). Please proofread your document before submitting it.  (50 pts)
“Can’t we talk”
1. Pick two of the scenarios that she provides. What’s the conflict/misunderstanding? What’s
the cause of it according to Tannen? Which person in the relationship appears to maybe suffer
more due to the conflict/ misunderstanding? (10 pts)
“What language barrier” and Tannen’s work (both “Can’t we talk” and He Said,
She Said)
10. Cameron discusses the “myth” about how men and women talk and she lists basic claims
of the “myth.”  They include the following: women both care more about communication and
talk more than men; women are more verbally skilled than men; men use language to get work
done while women use language to build social relationships; men use language competitively
while women use it more cooperatively; all of these differences lead to miscommunication.
Is Tannen the author/promoter of that myth? That is, does that list of components of
the myth accurately reflect what Tannen has presented in her work (that you read and
watched). If it’s not accurate, what components don’t seem to accurately reflect her work? And
if these claims are not an accurate reflection of what Tannen proposes, explain how Tannen’s
position is different? (15 pts)
“Speak up, I can’t hear you”
14. What is the point of Cameron’s “Is there any ketchup, Vera?” story?  (15 pts)  
16. Summarize the difference between Tannen and Cameron’s perspectives on gender and
language differences.  (10 pts)