1. Since Active Directory is comprised of many different components, there are many different administrative tasks and best practices necessary to configure and manage it within a network environment. Each of these tasks are outlined on many different online resources, including blogs, YouTube videos and forums. Go to the Active Directory Pro blog at and find a tutorial or best practices guide that piques your interest. Next, write a post of at least 100 words discussing what you learned and how you might use this information in a job role as an Active Directory administrator. What questions do you have for further research after reading this article?

2. Scenario: You have learned about the functionality provided by Active Directory for centralized authentication within a domain, as well as resource access within a forest. It is common practice for one organization that maintains an Active Directory Forest to purchase another organization that maintains a separate Active Directory Forest. You’ve been tasked with merging the two Active Directory forests for authentication and resource access.

Read the scenario. 

Write a report of at least 100 words outlining your answers to the following questions:

What Active Directory features would allow users to access the resources in the other forest?

In what situations should you consider implementing a new forest structure, and what would this structure look like?